Designing the invisible

Invisible Building is a Northern Irish design company that specialises in design, e-commerce and tech for good. We have a strong focus on building prototypes and running campaigns on the web, we want to design, build and create your ideas as digital product, services or prototypes utilising modern web frameworks, no-code tools and more. - Invisible Building Testimonial

Invisible Building's experience working with startups was highly valuable and evident, as they provided both talent and guidance. -

Werewolf food - Invisible Building Testimonial

Invisible Building made the technical solution of the FAQ videos fit the personality of the business. Werewolf food

Werewolf Food - Invisible Building Testimonial

Invisible Building came onboard to help provide a technical solution to allow customers to ‘build their own variety pack’. Werewolf Food

Moira Community - Invisible Building Testimonial

Working with Invisible Building has been so easy! They are so personal in their work and are a great company to work with. Can’t recommend them enough. Moira Community

Werewolf Food - Invisible Building Testimonial

Invisible Building provided technical support with our Product Landing Pages. Werewolf Food

Co‑Founders Programme Manager - Invisible Building Testimonial

Invisible Building went through the programme in 2022 and it was fantastic to see the passion and determination for exploring entrepreneurship that Invisible Building and their fellow participants on the programme had. Co‑Founders Programme

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We build web

Invisible Building was established in 2011 when David started his journey into entrepreneurship trading as Invisible Building. We set up as a limited company ten years later on 7 June 2021.

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